Like, I am good at my job, but I am not a magician

Today I was sent an email outlining a small award that was for $X00 to be used only for supplies, and told by the professor that he wanted to charge at least $X000 in lab tech salary to it.


I didn’t lol, but I was close.

I didn’t lol, but I was close.

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Lesbian or moobs?:

The eternal quandary

"I had no idea then that, for whatever reason, I would love a lot of lesbians in the next two decades, and they, oddly enough, would love me back. This and good hair are the gifts the universe has given me."

Oh no you guys I like Larry now.


Hahahah Sears wants me to pay them $22 to replace a burned out headlight.



Natural hair goals (@mandajesspanda)

i really want to blow out my natural hair but i’m so nervous!!!!

this style looks so good

I am the most jealous.

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"I was an addict for 10 years. I’m not an addict anymore."

— Passages, Transformations, whatever: I don’t think that’s how it works.

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  • Person: Hi, do you want pizza?
  • Person Nobody Likes: No. I'm being healthy. I'm not eating pizza because...
  • Everyone: Okay.
  • Person Nobody Likes: It looks so good, but the calories--
  • Everyone: Okay.
  • Person Nobody Likes: ...and the fat--
  • Everyone: Okay.
  • Person Nobody Likes: Here's a long explanation of my diet...
  • Everyone:
  • Person Nobody Likes: But I wish I could cheat LOL!
  • Everyone:
  • Person Nobody Likes: That stuff is so bad for you, you know? But you have fun!
  • Everyone who has left to go live their lives:
  • Person Nobody Likes: It's the gluten, you know? I don't know what that is, but it's soooooo baaaaaad.
  • Crickets who have come out because it's midnight now:
  • Person Nobody Likes: I cheated and ate an M&M yesterday! I spent an hour at the gym to make up for it but so worth it LOL.
  • Unfeeling universe:
  • Person Nobody Likes: Have you tried using cauliflower instead of bread to make a pizza?
  • Existential dread:
  • Person Nobody Likes: It tastes exactly the same, and it's sooooo much healthier.
  • Death itself:
  • Person Nobody Likes: I'm gonna go drink my soy smoothie now.
  • Person Nobody Likes: It's a small size.
  • Person Nobody Likes: Gotta watch my thighs!
  • Apocalypse, the end of all space and time as we know it, the fathomless void of nothingness:
  • Person Nobody Likes: BUT YOU ENJOY THAT PIZZA, FRIEND.

The blogs tumblr thinks I would be interested in

  • Some Lord of the Rings ass nonsense (I’m sorry, I can’t spend 9 hours watching those fucking movies, because one day I will die.)
  • 9 blueberries on rye bread (I fucking hate bloobs, and why would you EVER put that on rye bread?!)
  • Raw pancake batter Dunham